Friday, November 19, 2010

When I was your age

This is what I always here, from parents, uncles, grandparents and so on. All of the stories are about how hard life was, how they didn't have technology. The list of things they didn't have includes any technologic advancement since 1960.

Why do they have to make a point about what they didn't have and how they have it now but have no idea how to use it? I don't understand how it holds any relevance to the current topic, I was talking about Football not about how hard it it to press the 'on' button for your stupid 10 year old hunk of crap.

In saying so I guess I can't complain, i'll be doing the exact same thing when I'm older.

"When I was your age I was the leader of a guild in the glorious World of Warcraft. What's a World of Warcraft you ask? Well it was an alternate reality when I was younger. Many people from around the world banded together to stop the evil forces of Azeroth from coming into our world via the internet. It went on to be called the great war of 2012"

You and I both know this not to be true however they're going to be young, they'll believe any amount of shit I spurt out from my old face. I'll also tell them we used to be able to fly but because their generation has recessive genes we lost that ability.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why are they Firefighters?

So I'm sitting here in the hot weather, on the couch, watching 'Disaster Eyewitnesses' a show on Foxtel Fox8. They're going over when the Minnesota bridge collapsed. 13 people died, madness is everywhere.

It went over how many people started to call '911' to report the emergency then went to a Firefighter who received the emergency to go to the bridge that collapsed.

He told us how he turned to his fellow Firefighters saying "A bridge collapsing? That's gotta be a drill, don't worry guys it's just a drill"

It wasn't a drill kind Firefighting sir, it was a real fucking disaster. Maybe you should be a bit more professional at your job so people don't fucking die.

Is this what every emergency service worker thinks in America? "Errr shit, we've got work to do!" "NAH MAN IT'S JUST A DRILL, CALM DOWN"

Ok so it's not that big of a deal, they would most probably treat the drill just like a normal emergency. So why am I ranting? BECAUSE I CAN.


So, I attended the 12:01 am screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Myself and my Girlfriend arrived at 10:30 pm expecting a long line of spell casters only to be amazed that we were the only ones there. Eventually a lot more people turned up and the movie actually started really close to the promised time.

Now, if you're a Harry Potter fan you will definitely love this however you should feel a bit annoyed that all of the most excellent events happen in the second half of the Deathly Hallows 2 parter. I was quite unhappy with how long I'll have to wait to see sexy Voldemort again. I'll always have google images I guess.

Monday, November 15, 2010

When will it be my turn...

... To start a religion!?

At the moment there are many religions around, most of which are full of crap. I'm not a religious person, I find it dumb to be honest. However this isn't a rant post, this is a post of how I will create my own Religion!

I'm going to call it "Avatarism" based off of the show of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (Not to be confused with the blue kittehs of pandora).

My religion will consist of a single book, which many other books will be based off, depicting how many many years ago all of us were one nation split up into many types of people; Air benders, Earth benders, Water benders and Fire benders. Each of our fine people have their on land to which they're entitled to own. Peace is kept between all of the people in the form of the 'Avatar' a one person who knows all of the elemental bending. As the years went on and on the lands split up and we as a people became unknown to each other, we found no need for the Avatar as we had no need to fight. The Avatar, eventually, become unknown to everyone however he is still there attempting to keep peace.

All of the major wars in the world weren't won by people but won by the Avatar eventually stepping in to end the time of fighting!

Everyone should renounce their religions and join mine, i'll teach you how to bend elements and stuff.

P.S. This is totally legit, don't be idiots. Join Me.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Who needs them?

Well, I post today to rant about my Family. Not many people enjoy the company of my family and yet my parents insist that we spend time with them. Most of the time I reside in my room or in front of the TV playing Guitar Hero while they're around because I can't bear to be in their presence and I sure hope they realise this. Teen Angst you say? No, my family are just dumb. Really dumb and I feel that being near them their dumb will rub off on me and I don't want to risk it. [/rant]

Ok so onto a better topic. As of late a movie called 'The Social Network' came out (I do advise everyone to go watch it, it's a brilliant depiction of the events prior to the release of Facebook. Hilarious movie and very entertaining) and one of my best friends saw it. Now this inspired him to want to write a program and make lot's of money. He has no previous programming experience and I being the only one of his friends who attempted programming (ATTEMPTED, it was boring as fuck so I gave up) he comes to me and starts asking me questions, asking me to go to university with him and so on. So, me being a kind person I pointed out that he has the mindset of a toddler who sees a fireman and wants to be a fireman then sees a police officer and then wants to be a police officer. He rages about how he's  been wanting to write a program for years and blah blah blah. Surprising that it took a movie for his many years of wanting to do something for it to bubble to the surface and make him do it. Anyway because I don't want him to fail I brought out my old programming books and have slowly (And boringly) been teaching myself programming again. I started that about a week ago, offered him the software and the books but he still hasn't come to get them. He has about as much motivation as a rock.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, I was unfortunate enough to be dragged along to this movie by a couple of friends. I hadn't previously thought this was going to be any good so my expectations were rather low. The beginning was good, getting right into it but then it had to do the shitty 30 minutes of character building prelude (15 hours earlier!) which made me feel nothing for the characters. The plot made no sense at all, it was all just thrown at you so you could think of why and how yourself. The only military action taken against said Aliens failed miserably and then they still tried to push on which is a good idea when a nuke fails to bring down a ship. The only redeeming part of this movie was
Scottie Thompson's character who was the only one willing to do anything logical that would lead to survival. I have already sent her an invitation to join my Zombie apocalypse team when that finally rolls over.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brb, Star Trekking. Preferably across the Universe...

As the name suggests. FUCK YOU ALL, I'M NOW UNIVERSE

On to a better topic, I just started watching Star Trek: The Original Series. I haven't seen anything Star Trek (Except for that 2009 movie that my friend made me go watch) so my expectations aren't really high however so far this seems like quite a good show and I'm glad my interest in it made me begin to watch it. For a series that was created back in 1959 it is really impressive.


If I were to beam down to a planet I definitely wouldn't go anywhere near blue plants. The plants could release some sort of toxin or poison and then I would be rendered useless to my group thus allowing them to feast on my innards if there wasn't any food and that's just terrible. I also wouldn't trust anyone bar the group I beamed down with, for all I know they're all disgusting alien creatures who are just wanting to feast on my hair because they can't digest flesh.

By the looks of this, Cpt. Kirk is about to hook up with some sexy alien bab- OH JESUS SHE DISAPPEARED AND NOW THESE BIG BRAIN ALIENS ARE TAKING HIM AWAY. WHAT THE HELL?!

Anyway, Good to be back and posting. I hope everyones doing well.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Just an update to thank everyone who has said something nice about what has been going on. Thank you <3.

I'll be getting back into regular posting within the next couple of days.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Emo Moment

This is really just a way to vent what has happened.

I just lost my best friend, My one buddy who has always been there for me through thick and thin. The odds were against him his whole life but every single time he pulled through and kept being happy. Lately he's been acting differently, not eating, occasionally drinking. We took him down to get looked at. The lady came back with bad news, he has internal bleeding and the blood is pooling up outside of his lungs. He's in terrible pain. Around this time I burst out in tears for fear of losing my reason to live. I grew up with him, he would always want to do things with me. Even though he has bad bones he would always cuddle with me. We were given 2 opportunities, Euthanize him or pay ~6000 just to stabilize him then another ~3000 to find out whats wrong then even more to operate on him. We're not a rich family but the thought of letting my one and only true friend, my one and only passion in this world to go just breaks my heart. He's 15 years old, blind, deaf, has arthritis and a heart murmur. The chances of him surviving another operation is very very slim. I know deep down he's suffering a lot of pain and if he needs to get operated on he'll be in even more suffering. I just can't come to terms with letting him go. We decide that it'd be best for him to go out peacefully with us there, holding him. The lady comes in and we say our goodbyes. I lay my head next to his and cry, I remember when I used to come home from school after being bullied. I would cry, he would come and sit by me just as I am lying by him in his time of need. His head slowly moves down, down, down. He's gone, the lady tells me. I burst into tears, lose my breath. My best friend is gone. I immediately remember that he's died before, he's been brought back to life. He's been in multiple situations where he should have died but pulled through. If we had of paid for him to get operated on then he could have pulled through and I could be cuddling him right now instead of sitting here, crying while I write this. I'm sorry I didn't give you a chance buddy but I love you with my heart. R.I.P, I'll never love anyone as much as I loved and treasured you.

Yesterday, I made the hardest decision in my life and that was to let my reason to live pass on. I don't know how many of you have had to do this and your relationship with your pet but let me put mine into perspective. I grew up with him since I was 4, he has always been a part of my life. If a car was about to run him over I would jump in front of the car just to save his life.

In this world there are 3 categories I put people in. People I hate, People I hate less than others and People I love. There was only ever 1 person I loved, although he wasn't a person but that doesn't matter to me, and that was my Dog, Rusty. I don't think I could love anyone/anything more than what I loved him. Even now I can't help thinking about him being buried in the backyard.

Rest In Peace, Rusty. You were the one thing in my life that I admired and treasured more than anything <3

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ahh Kirring Froor

Before I get on the subject of Killing Floor let me first state that I will go to any means necessary to make a Zombie Apocalypse possible in this life time. No not really but damn I want one to happen. I’ve been a Fan of the Zombie franchise for the majority of my life. I love the games, movies, and comics. Nearly anything Zombie Related. Just the thought of possibly surviving using wits and strength to fight or outsmart the oncoming horde of flesh hungry undead makes my heart warm!

Well now I shall get back onto topic. What is Killing Floor? Killing Floor is a zombie game that I play on occasion with friends. It’s a Co-op online 6 player game, unfortunately I don’t have 5 other friends to play with so I do play with some random people, most of which I hate, however the game is still enjoyable nonetheless.

Here’s a little background of the game. You’re one of many different people (You can choose many characters) who have been able to survive the on-coming waves of Zombies. Well they’re not actually zombies; they’re left over ‘specimens’ from attempted cloning of monster soldiers. They come in many shapes and sizes and use many different tools of which range from Invisibility to Chain guns. This makes everyone on your team work together to destroy the endless amount of these disgusting things.

Working together to survive can be a fun or hateful experience. A couple of times I have played with people who can’t speak English or know how to press the shoot button. Half of the people I have played with have shown the quality of having no brain and are just like the zombies they’re killing. A bit Ironic, isn’t it? In Killing Floor you can select perks. Perks are basically an enhancement applied to your person to make them better. Each perk has different levels which enable more damage, cheaper weapons and so on. Each perk asks for a requirement to be levelled up which requires you to kill, heal, and weld and many other different things.

Game play of Killing Floor is similar to that of a common first person shooter. Mindlessly killing zombies can be quite an exhausting experience upon oneself so I do recommend if you pick up this game, or any other similar game, that you also pick up a pack of Red bull and high in sugar candy. You’ll need as much of your strength as you can muster just to kill the many, many zombies who are just trying to eat a meal. I have gone  through, an estimated $758.96 worth of Red bull in the last 3 weeks alone just by playing this game.

Some say my obsession with zombie games isn’t a healthy course to set my life onto. Well, we’ll see whose unhealthy course saves them in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I believe by over preparing I have more chance of survival than anyone of the 2 people who tell me to stop playing and to sleep. I’ll show them one day. Assholes.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Near the end

Yet another Halloween has ended in Australia. Luckily for the neighbors/trick or treaters only 2 came to my house. If any more came I don't think I could withstand stealing their Candy then slamming the door in their face. I don't really want an Angry parent and/or Guardian to come busting into my house to beat me to a red pulp but I just can't resist the thought of free Candy coming to my door.

Unfortunately, for my visions of Candy Grandeur, Halloween isn't a holiday that is celebrated a lot here in Australia. I've never really understood why but I haven't got the initiative to search and read up about it. I'd rather be destroying pixels in Team Fortress 2 and gaining different colored pixels to put atop of my head. That's something I've never really understood about Team Fortress 2, why are the Hat's so awesome and why does everyone need them?

What I mean is, what is the point of receiving a hat from randomly being in a server and then wearing it? Does it taunt your enemies unbeknown to the wearer? Does it have a naughty word that only your enemies can see? Well, I really shouldn't be complaining. I did spend $10 to buy a Halloween-sale hat. SHUTUP, I couldn't resist. It looks too cute to not own. (Here, have a look for yourself at how cute it is!).

I've always thought of dressing up as a Heavy from Team Fortress 2 and entering a cos-play competition to see if I could win. I've got a similar build to the Heavy, I'm sure I could find a gun that looks like Natascha the only thing that stops me is I can't pull off a really good deep Russian accent. I could rock up to the competition and pretend I've been breathing in mass amounts of Helium or just say I have a cold.

Nah, who am I kidding? I'm not one for being competitive, it's not really within my capabilities to try putting in effort so I could win something. I'm just not that sort of person.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Why does thinking hurt?

A couple of days ago I was sitting here at my computer thinking of entertaining things to do. After about 5 minutes of doing absolutely nothing but thinking my brain began to hurt so I decided that I would entertain myself by playing some World of Warcraft (Now now, don't judge me because I play WoW. All the cool kids are doing it so why can't I?).

I logged into my character and signed up to do a random dungeon, which would be the most social interaction I need for one day. Now normally during dungeons with 4 random people everyone keeps quiet, does the requirements to complete the dungeon then leave.

During this particular dungeon one of the random players decides it's among his(or hers) duty to notify the rest of the players of their failure to be as good as said player. Being the kind person I am I say "Excuse me kind sir but you're disrupting the party, maybe you could keep it down a tad so we can complete this dungeon" (Ok that's not what I really said, what I really said was "Shut the fuck up and play the game"), he then directs a statement at me "No, you shutup you noob. You suck at WoW so obviously you're going to get nowhere in life and be a loser forever" (Of course I deciphered his statement into a more readable fashion instead of "Nou shut it nub u suck et wow u fag, ull gt nowere in lif u lser").

Now this statement made me think that maybe this random grammatically incorrect walking spelling mistake has a point. I'm somewhere between the ages of 16 and 23, not really a fit fellow so a lifelong career in sports is out of the question, not that I'm interested in wrestling half-naked with other males although I guess if the other half of the wrestling uniform was present and instead of wrestling we had a delightful chat about bee's at a nice coffee shop. Then maybe I would reconsider. I'm not really interested in working to be completely honest with you, I would much so prefer to just sit here and succumb to heart failure than work myself into a stressful state where I'll have a heart attack. I was considering becoming a professional gamer back when I was in school but while at school I was unable to live that dream. I'm not at school anymore so I might just consider it, or maybe I should become a gold farmer like the ones on World of Warcraft. They sell gold at around $10 per 1000 gold. I could then invest that $10 into stocks and through a series of events that will work in my favor I will become a millionaire. However I don't think I have enough willpower to sit here for 14 hours a day killing pixels for a mere $10 per 1000 gold I farm.

Maybe I should be like my girlfriend and get benefits from the government, pretend I can't find work anywhere and receive payments until I can find work. Little do they know I have no credentials except for being a level 80 shaman who has over 6000 gear score. (For those of you who don't know what gear score is: Gear score is a number at which your e-toughness/e-penor (How cool you are) is measured on the Internet. High gear score leads to popularity) I guess then I could sit here and do nothing all day.

Why can't I be like all the people who win lottery? They win amounts that measure in the millions however you never really hear about them ever again. Maybe there is some sort of secret lottery winning millionaire club that only they get invited to? If I were invited to such a club I would ask if they could serve those little hot dogs with a side dish of sauce, they're quite adorable and would lead to conversations about how much we won in the lottery and how many servants we now own from third world countries. I would make my servants dress as animals then chase them with a net and see how many I could catch. I just remembered my physical fitness isn't on a top level so maybe I would make them all hide then count to 10, after 10 I would threaten to fire all of them if they didn't come and jump into my net and whoever is last to jump in my net would get a 50% pay cut so the others know that next time they can't be the last or else their $3 will become a small amount of $1.50 with the remaining $1.50 from their pay I think I would hide it in small coins around my large garden and let them loose to see who can find it all.

Well anyway I said to that certain player "Yeah, well you're a complete jack-ass and I could beat you in a real life fight" luckily for me we had already finished the dungeon 17 minutes earlier and he was nowhere in sight to hear it however I feel that I got my point of superiority across to him.