Friday, November 19, 2010

When I was your age

This is what I always here, from parents, uncles, grandparents and so on. All of the stories are about how hard life was, how they didn't have technology. The list of things they didn't have includes any technologic advancement since 1960.

Why do they have to make a point about what they didn't have and how they have it now but have no idea how to use it? I don't understand how it holds any relevance to the current topic, I was talking about Football not about how hard it it to press the 'on' button for your stupid 10 year old hunk of crap.

In saying so I guess I can't complain, i'll be doing the exact same thing when I'm older.

"When I was your age I was the leader of a guild in the glorious World of Warcraft. What's a World of Warcraft you ask? Well it was an alternate reality when I was younger. Many people from around the world banded together to stop the evil forces of Azeroth from coming into our world via the internet. It went on to be called the great war of 2012"

You and I both know this not to be true however they're going to be young, they'll believe any amount of shit I spurt out from my old face. I'll also tell them we used to be able to fly but because their generation has recessive genes we lost that ability.


  1. Son when I was your age I had to walk 10 miles, in the snow, uphill in pajamas just to get to school. lol :d

  2. my dad actually had to walk uphill both ways to school. pisses me off.