Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why are they Firefighters?

So I'm sitting here in the hot weather, on the couch, watching 'Disaster Eyewitnesses' a show on Foxtel Fox8. They're going over when the Minnesota bridge collapsed. 13 people died, madness is everywhere.

It went over how many people started to call '911' to report the emergency then went to a Firefighter who received the emergency to go to the bridge that collapsed.

He told us how he turned to his fellow Firefighters saying "A bridge collapsing? That's gotta be a drill, don't worry guys it's just a drill"

It wasn't a drill kind Firefighting sir, it was a real fucking disaster. Maybe you should be a bit more professional at your job so people don't fucking die.

Is this what every emergency service worker thinks in America? "Errr shit, we've got work to do!" "NAH MAN IT'S JUST A DRILL, CALM DOWN"

Ok so it's not that big of a deal, they would most probably treat the drill just like a normal emergency. So why am I ranting? BECAUSE I CAN.

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