Sunday, October 31, 2010

Near the end

Yet another Halloween has ended in Australia. Luckily for the neighbors/trick or treaters only 2 came to my house. If any more came I don't think I could withstand stealing their Candy then slamming the door in their face. I don't really want an Angry parent and/or Guardian to come busting into my house to beat me to a red pulp but I just can't resist the thought of free Candy coming to my door.

Unfortunately, for my visions of Candy Grandeur, Halloween isn't a holiday that is celebrated a lot here in Australia. I've never really understood why but I haven't got the initiative to search and read up about it. I'd rather be destroying pixels in Team Fortress 2 and gaining different colored pixels to put atop of my head. That's something I've never really understood about Team Fortress 2, why are the Hat's so awesome and why does everyone need them?

What I mean is, what is the point of receiving a hat from randomly being in a server and then wearing it? Does it taunt your enemies unbeknown to the wearer? Does it have a naughty word that only your enemies can see? Well, I really shouldn't be complaining. I did spend $10 to buy a Halloween-sale hat. SHUTUP, I couldn't resist. It looks too cute to not own. (Here, have a look for yourself at how cute it is!).

I've always thought of dressing up as a Heavy from Team Fortress 2 and entering a cos-play competition to see if I could win. I've got a similar build to the Heavy, I'm sure I could find a gun that looks like Natascha the only thing that stops me is I can't pull off a really good deep Russian accent. I could rock up to the competition and pretend I've been breathing in mass amounts of Helium or just say I have a cold.

Nah, who am I kidding? I'm not one for being competitive, it's not really within my capabilities to try putting in effort so I could win something. I'm just not that sort of person.